What Plans Include

Plan Highlights - Your Quick Guide

Welcome to Barndo Plans, your gateway to a diverse collection of over house plans crafted by a collaboration of talented designers and architects. Our commitment is to provide you with unique, industry-standard plans that cater to your individual needs and preferences.

Diversity in Design

Working with hundreds of designers allows us to offer an extensive variety of plans, each designed to meet residential building codes. As you explore our vast selection, you'll discover that each plan package has its unique characteristics. Make sure to check the "What's included in these plans?" section, located just below the floor plan, for a comprehensive overview of plan details.

Understanding Plan Details

It's crucial to note that our plan detail pages showcase simplified floor plans and elevation renderings for preview purposes. These previews do not capture the same level of detail found in the actual working drawings. The plans you receive encompass fully specified blueprints, providing intricate details for every sheet, whether it's exterior elevations, the foundation plan, or individual floor plans for each level.

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Check the plan detail page for specific inclusions since each plan is unique.

*Not all elevation views are previewed on the plan detail page.

Typical Plan Inclusions

While each plan is unique, most of our offerings include the following key elements:

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Exterior Elevations

Illustrating the building layout from various external perspectives, encompassing front, sides, and rear elevations, along with details like windows, doors, and exterior materials.

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Floor Plans

Offering a horizontal slice view, showcasing the house layout with all door and window openings, allowing you to visualize the overall design.

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Foundation Plan

Presenting a top view of footings, foundation walls, and the placement of posts, beams, and load-bearing walls as required.

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Electrical Plan

Highlighting the location and type of lighting fixtures, switches, receptacles, and necessary wiring for the entire house.

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Miscellaneous Details

Encompassing construction specifics, including framing details, wall sections, stair sections, and other critical information.

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Additional Requirements for Your Home Construction

While our house plans encompass comprehensive details necessary for constructing your home, certain items may be required by your local municipality. Before purchasing a set of house plans, it is advisable to consult your builder, a local engineer, and building officials to understand the specific building codes of your city, county, and state. Refer to the plan detail page for a cross-reference to determine additional needs.

Items not typically included with our plans may include:

Architectural or Engineering Stamp

Depending on local building requirements, house plans may need review by an architect or engineer for structural details and code standards. Contact a local professional in your area to verify specific requirements.

Site Plan

A site plan illustrates how the house fits on the lot, indicating building lines, setbacks, garage placement, and essential elements like parking, drainage, sewer lines, water lines, lighting, landscaping, and walkways. Obtain a site plan by consulting a civil engineer.

Mechanical Drawings

These technical drawings provide information about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Connect with a local HVAC company to acquire the necessary mechanical drawings.

Plumbing Drawings

Showing the location of plumbing materials throughout the house and exterior, plumbing drawings are crucial. Reach out to a local plumbing contractor for these specific drawings.

Energy Calculations

Calculations determining the energy efficiency of your new home are essential. Contact a local engineer to ensure compliance with energy efficiency standards.

Truss Packages

Information detailing the structural framework of the roof and/or floor system is crucial for building the home. Collaborate with a local truss company to obtain the necessary truss packages.

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Crafting Your Framework? Seek Expert Advice!

Framing details like beam sizes and layouts may not be included in our house plans. If missing, reach out to a builder, local supplier, or engineer for assistance.

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Architectural Stamps - An Important Note

Our stock house plans do not include stamps from architects or engineers. While our designs align with national building codes, specific local code requirements may differ. Certain municipalities might mandate a plan review by a local architect or structural engineer.

Please check with your local building officials to confirm if an architect's stamp is necessary. If required, engage a local architect before starting construction. In some cases, purchasing CAD files may be necessary for this process. Feel free to inquire for more details based on your specific project and location.