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Crafting Your Dream - Choosing Customization Options

Upon selecting a house plan from us, the journey to your dream home begins with an array of customizable options. Explore the possibilities and tailor the plan to match your unique needs and preferences.

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Explore detailed specifications on the plan detail page for architectural drawings and terms.
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Choosing Your Plan Package Format

When it comes to plan packages, we offer a diverse range of options in both digital and physical formats, each accompanied by specific copyright limitations. While most packages include a single-use license, some plans also provide the flexibility of an "unlimited" use option. To explore the available formats for purchase, kindly refer to the plan detail page.


Opting for the PDF package means you'll receive a comprehensive set of house plans in PDF format via email. This package includes a copyright release, granting you the freedom to print and share plans as required for your construction project. Widely favoured, the PDF package offers flexibility, allowing you to print multiple sets locally to accommodate your project's needs.

While the standard PDF license covers the construction of a single home, we do offer options for builders seeking an unlimited construction license, providing added flexibility for your specific requirements. Choose the PDF package for convenience and adaptability in bringing your dream home to life.

Printed Sets

When you choose the Printed Sets package, you'll receive your house plans in a tangible format—printed and shipped directly to your location. While not all designers provide printed sets, the standard offering usually includes 5 sets. Some designers may offer variations, such as 3 or 8 sets.

For added flexibility, certain designers present a combined PDF + Printed Sets option. This choice gives you the convenience of digital plans along with the tactile advantage of printed sets, ensuring you have the flexibility to work with your plans in a manner that suits your preferences and project requirements.

CAD Files

Opting for the CAD Files package provides qualified professionals the power to make customized modifications to your plans using compatible CAD software. This electronic format not only grants you the freedom to personalize the plans but also includes a comprehensive copyright release, ensuring you have full rights for customization.

CAD files might be essential for engineering purposes if mandated in your local area. Additionally, certain designers offer a combined package, featuring both CAD files and a PDF. This option offers the flexibility to leverage the advantages of both digital and printed formats, catering to your specific needs and the requirements of your project.

Choosing the Right Foundation

Selecting the appropriate foundation is a crucial step in the construction process. Consult with your builder to determine the best foundation option for the specific characteristics of the land you intend to build on. Factors such as soil conditions and topography play a significant role in this decision.

Slab Foundation

Ideal for flat lots, Slab foundations provide no space underneath the home, making them a low-maintenance and common choice.

Crawl Space Foundation

Elevated a few feet off the ground, Crawl Space foundations offer access to a small area beneath the home, providing convenience for maintenance and storage. This option suits various terrains.

Basement Foundations

While more expensive, Basement foundations provide substantial additional living or storage space. By extending 8 feet or more into the ground, basements offer flexibility, allowing you to utilize the extra square footage as you see fit.

If the foundation you need is not explicitly listed on the plan detail page, you can always initiate a modification request. This ensures that your chosen house plan aligns seamlessly with the foundation that suits your lot and construction requirements.

Enhance Your Plan with Additional Options

When you choose a house plan from us, you open the door to a range of customizable packages designed to suit your preferences.

Right Reading Reverse and Mirror Reverse

Right-Reading Reverse: Flips the entire plan, maintaining the original layout with right-reading text for convenience.

Mirror Reverse: Flips the plan with mirrored text, as if viewed in a mirror. Less convenient but available for visual purposes.

Important Note: Right Reading Reverse is available for purchase; clicking the reverse button is for visual purposes only.

2x4 and 2x6 Conversion

2x4 Construction: Common option.

2x6 Construction: Ideal for northern locations, providing enhanced insulation. Costs more upfront but offers a stronger structure.

Some designers offer a 2x6 conversion: check additional options. If not listed, submit a modification request for pricing.

Material Lists

Designer Material List: Limited to the base plan, available under additional options on the plan detail page.

ABHP Material List: Includes purchased options, excluding modifications.

ABHP Custom Material List: : For modifications, request when submitting your modification request.

Note: Rare exceptions may exist where neither a designer nor ABHP material list is available for purchase.

Explore these additional options to tailor your house plan and bring your vision to life.