Welcome to Barndo Plans, your trusted partner in Architectural BIM services, where innovation meets efficiency. Our commitment to excellence has empowered numerous US Architecture Firms to complete projects on time and within optimal cost through our BIM-based workflows.

Design Evolution with Value-Added Support

Our dedicated team of skilled architects at Barndo Plans engages with clients to understand their design intent, offering valuable support as projects evolve from the conceptual/schematic stage to the construction stage. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with minimal client inputs, such as hand sketches, reference drawings, field measurements, and more, to deliver top-notch architectural BIM services tailored to your unique needs.

Diverse Architectural Expertise

Barndo Plans caters to a wide range of architectural domains, including:

• Hospitality

• Residential

• Commercial

• Airports

• Industrial & Education

• Healthcare

• Stadium

• Educational

Interior and Landscape Services

Our services extend beyond traditional architecture, covering interior and landscape domains:


• Office

• Hotel

• Residential

• Commercial


• Campus Redevelopment

• Resorts

Comprehensive BIM Services for Architects


We provide detailed and accurate documentation for every stage of your project, ensuring a seamless workflow:

• Concept Assistance

• Schematic Design

• Design Development Sets

• Permit Stage Documentation

• Construction Document Sets

3D Modeling

Our accurate, information-rich, and fully coordinated 3D models cover various aspects:

• Exterior & interior wall

• Stud walls & details

• Floor & Ceiling

• Staircase

• Louvers and Vents

• Openings

• Door & windows

• Detail components

• Curtain wall

• Rapid Prototype (3D Printers)

Content Creation with Annotation

Barndo Plans assists architecture firms with Revit templates, standard details/callouts, and Revit families to enhance the efficiency of your design processes.


We leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide clarity of intent across project stages with accurate renderings and walkthroughs

• Augmented Reality (AR)

• Virtual Reality (VR)

• Animation

Experience the synergy of innovation and efficiency with Barndo Plans, where your architectural visions transform into reality. Trust us to elevate your projects through our unmatched Architectural BIM services.

Prime Features Setting Us Apart

Accurate and Updated Costs

Benefit from continuously updated material and labour costs derived from actual contractor and supplier bids.

Tailored to Your Location

Estimates are regionally adjusted to reflect differences in material and labour costs specific to your location.

Customizable Options

Calculate costs based on the specific features and materials you desire, ensuring accuracy for your unique vision.

Continuous Updates

Stay ahead with continuously updated estimates, identifying and addressing potential cost increases promptly.

Plan-Specific Estimates

Your estimate begins with the chosen plan, providing confidence in price accuracy for your selected design.

Unlimited Printing

Print your estimate as many times as you need, with no limitations on copies.

Embark on your construction journey with clarity and confidence. Get your personalized Cost to Build estimate today and take the first step towards bringing your barndo plans to life.