Welcome to Barndo Plans, where our BIM-powered MEP engineering services redefine excellence in the industry. With a focus on delivering higher ROI, minimizing reworks, and enhancing schedule performance, we take pride in being the facilitator of synchronized team efforts that result in well-balanced systems encompassing comfort, cost-efficiency, and aesthetics.

Our MEP Engineering Services

Mechanical Design Services:

Our commitment to energy-efficient designs, optimized operating costs, and minimal risk of system failure sets us apart. Barndo Plans offers a comprehensive range of HVAC and mechanical design services, including:

• HVAC System Design

• HVAC Equipment Selection

• Equipment & Duct Sizing Calculations

• Air Terminal Selection

• Lift Well & Stairwell Pressurization System

• Tunnel & Basement Ventilation

• Chilled Beams System

• Plant Room Layout Design

• HVAC Schematic Design

• Chilled Water Schematic

• Duct Layout Drawings

• Spool Drawings

Electrical Design Services

Incorporating BIM-integrated Electrical Design Engineering, we ensure an energy-efficient electrical system. Our services include:

• Power Distribution System Design

• Electrical Panel Schedules

• Electrical Line Diagrams & Load List Preparation

• Power And Lighting Plans

• Emergency System Design

• Containment Sizing & Layout Design

• Switchgear & Transformers Sizing

• Load Balancing

• Panel Room Layout Drawings

• Small Power Electrical Supplies

• Fire Alarms & Security Systems

• IT & Communication Systems

• Lift And Escalator Systems

• Lightning Protection & Earthing

• Energy Management

Plumbing Design Services

Barndo Plans utilizes BIM-integrated plumbing design to cover a wide spectrum of systems, including:

• Potable / Domestic Water Systems

• Hot Water Systems

• Wastewater Systems

• Rainwater / Stormwater Systems

• Medical / Fuel / Natural Gas Systems

• Compressed Air Systems

Our in-house software tools facilitate clients in designing plumbing systems with precision, covering aspects like pipe sizing, roof area, and GPM flow rate optimization.

We also provide

• Water Demand Calculation

• Equipment Datasheets for Plumbing Equipment

• Selection of Insulation for Piping Materials

• Preparation of Design Requirement Document / Specification

• Discharge Unit & Storm Water Calculations

• Design & Preparation of Schematic Diagram

• Design & Preparation of Plan & Layout Drawings

3D Modeling and Coordination

Barndo Plans excels in generating accurate and information-rich fully coordinated 3D models post-inter-trade clash resolution. Our 3D modeling services facilitate seamless spatial coordination, ensuring a flawless integration of MEP systems.

Prime Features Setting Us Apart

Accurate and Updated Costs

Benefit from continuously updated material and labour costs derived from actual contractor and supplier bids.

Tailored to Your Location

Estimates are regionally adjusted to reflect differences in material and labour costs specific to your location.

Customizable Options

Calculate costs based on the specific features and materials you desire, ensuring accuracy for your unique vision.

Continuous Updates

Stay ahead with continuously updated estimates, identifying and addressing potential cost increases promptly.

Plan-Specific Estimates

Your estimate begins with the chosen plan, providing confidence in price accuracy for your selected design.

Unlimited Printing

Print your estimate as many times as you need, with no limitations on copies.

Embark on your construction journey with clarity and confidence. Get your personalized Cost to Build estimate today and take the first step towards bringing your barndo plans to life.