Welcome to Barndo Plans, where innovation meets precision in structural design services. With a rich history of successfully executing numerous projects, Barndo Plans has become a trusted name in the industry, backed by a profound understanding of building codes and efficient work processes.

Comprehensive 3D Modeling, Drafting & Detailing

At Barndo Plans, we excel in turning your concepts into reality. Leveraging inputs like basic mark-ups and hand sketches, we create accurate construction drawing sets that include 3D elements, 2D annotations, text, legends, and smart tags. Our commitment extends to providing smart schedules within Revit for seamless project management.

Inputs we work with

• Architectural Models

• Redline Markups

• Email Instructions

Drafting & Detailing Excellence

We take pride in preparing standardized drawings across design stages, adhering to our client's drafting standards. Our team transforms inputs such as architectural models, redline markups, and email instructions into meticulously drafted plans, ensuring clarity and precision in every detail.

As-Built Updates and Refurbishments

Barndo Plans goes beyond the conventional by offering as-built updates and refurbishment services. Taking as-built drawings or point cloud data of legacy buildings as input, we create detailed 3D models for refurbishments, ensuring that your structures meet modern standards without compromising on historical integrity.

Structural Analysis & Design Validation

Our team of experts at Barndo Plans is dedicated to analysing, designing, and validating steel and concrete structures with meticulous attention to detail. We base our structural assessments on factors such as loads, stress-strain, bending moments, and shear forces. Utilizing cutting-edge structural design tools like RISA, ETABS, HILTI, and more, we ensure that your structures are not only visually appealing but also structurally sound.

At Barndo Plans, we believe in the power of innovation and precision. Our commitment to delivering high-quality services sets us apart, making us your go-to partner for all your structural design needs. Explore the limitless possibilities with Barndo Plans and turn your visions into reality.

Prime Features Setting Us Apart

Accurate and Updated Costs

Benefit from continuously updated material and labour costs derived from actual contractor and supplier bids.

Tailored to Your Location

Estimates are regionally adjusted to reflect differences in material and labour costs specific to your location.

Customizable Options

Calculate costs based on the specific features and materials you desire, ensuring accuracy for your unique vision.

Continuous Updates

Stay ahead with continuously updated estimates, identifying and addressing potential cost increases promptly.

Plan-Specific Estimates

Your estimate begins with the chosen plan, providing confidence in price accuracy for your selected design.

Unlimited Printing

Print your estimate as many times as you need, with no limitations on copies.

Embark on your construction journey with clarity and confidence. Get your personalized Cost to Build estimate today and take the first step towards bringing your barndo plans to life.